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Welcome to Mz Brand !

Welcome to Mz Brand !

Hello there! You finally found me. Yay!!! 😀

Mz Brand is my portal site that you can find all of my latest info.
Hope you will find something you like while your stay.

– Peace, Love and Sparkles ღ

About me

mzMegumi Kūkini Mizuno is
Hawaii and Japan based Bilingual Freelancer who does some creative and therapy works.

Shy, delicate, and a little introspective, but truly friendly. Very patient and affectionate like a typical image of old fashion Japanese girl. Usually passive, but sometimes amazingly fearless! My happiest and proudest moments in my life is when I make someones smile & happy ♡

*Due to high volume of obvious sales mails, I decided to remove the contact form. Please use my Facebook Page to reach out to me instead. Thank you for your understanding.


Actor, Voice Over

Actor, Voice Over : Registered Professional Voice-Over Talent with Voice.com

Translator, Licensed Guide Interpreter, Japanese Language Teacher

Translator, Licensed Guide Interpreter, Japanese Language Teacher :

Writer, Web Developer/Designer

Writer, Web Developer/Designer :

Animal Therapist & Communicator

Animal Therapist & Communicator : Massage (including LomiLomi), Aroma Therapy, Reiki Healing, Dietary Counselling

Spiritual Facilitator & Relaxation Therapist

Spiritual Facilitator & Relaxation Therapist : Lemurian Healing® Certified Master Level Practitioner & Teacher, Usui Reiki Master, Aroma Therapist (Young Living Essential Oil), Angel Therapy® Practitioner, Native Hawaiian Traditional Healing & ManaWahiApau LomiLomi HDC Certified Therapist, Sato Method Lymph Care & MRT Certified Practitioner

Calligrapher / Calligraphic Therapist, Pastel Art Therapist

Calligrapher / Calligraphic Therapist, Pastel Art Therapist :

Fitness & Nutrition Therapist

Fitness & Nutrition Therapist : Dietary Counselling, Fitness Coaching for Wellness & Weight-Loss, Registered Beachbody® Independent Coach


Acting & Voice Over
Web Developing & Design
Reiki Therapy
Animal Therapy & Nutrition Coaching
Angel Therapy
Lemurian Healing® therapy
Fitness & Nutrition Coaching
Aroma Therapy
Native Hawaiian Traditional Healing & Lomi Lomi massage
Sato Method Lymph Care & MRT therapy